RuntoRunFor is on the starting blocks

Posted on July 27, 2012


Don’t judge before you hear my reasoning. I’m a ship jumper, big time. Start over, clean slate-er. Here goes blog number two. Yes, I’m Brittbot, the crafting superhero from that popular ghostblog I left in the dust about a year ago. I was on a roll, had financing, got branded as a new company, designed a whole new line. Told absolutely everyone about it via facebook, twitter, blogosphere, and you know, the old fashioned way, in person.

In full swing, I suddenly realized I had lost my joy. No fun, all work. Drudgery. Why on earth would I continue to pursue that? I stopped immediately. So goodbye, visions of Heidi Klum telling me that “I’m in,” and dreams of my New York Times Best Selling multi book deal. I couldn’t shake nor stomach the idea that there was no way I could save the world with a sewing machine. There are plenty of massively talented people out there who have a neverending passion for fashion, I have no misconceptions about the truth that my void will go unnoticed. At my stage in life, when I finally felt that my late blooming ways had begun to unfurl their glorious feathers, I just knew that once again, I was not going to do this. It was heartbreaking. I was lost, but I felt honest. Where and Who am I now?

I have probably spent more of my life giving people information, advice, and doing research on Nutrition. Health. Fitness. Cooking, diet, lifestyle, running, training; the whole deal. I have a brain for Science; a big, fat, wrinkly, nerdy, science brain. This brain was not born to make beach coverups. (No disrespect, I covet those beautiful pieces of work made by amazingly gifted artists.) ***KABOOM!!!***

With this bolt of lightning, I knew that finally, I had tapped into my calling. I didn’t discover it or freshly stumble upon it. I just didn’t notice it. I’ve worked at 3 gyms, lifeguarded, taught gymnastics, managed at a health food store, read about a hundred topical books, and read Biology text for fun. I have participated in sports from baseball to baton, scuba to tae kwon do, cross country to crew, and so many more. It was right in front of my face. (The same way my husband was right in front of my face the whole time I thought I would never find love, settle down and have babies. We worked side by side at a health food store for three years. Our computers were touching for heaven’s sake! Wake up and smell the cilantro, babe!)

So when the opportunity arose immediately after this bolt of said lightning for my husband to relocate to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, my first thought was thunderously clear. “That’s the home of my dream school that I always wanted to go to, UNC Chapel Hill. I am going to see if they have a Nutrition program.”

They do. At the top rated public school of Public Health in the country. It was as if there were visible lights showing me the path, lined with air traffic controllers waving their arms at me, “This Waaay! This Way!” while calling my name.

Husband took the job and I said, “This may hold up your promote-ability, but we are done moving around for now. We are buying a house, and I am going to school.” That sweet produce-managing hero husband of mine didn’t bat an eye. He just smiled and said, “Of course we are.”

So here I am, paying out of state tuition at Durham Tech while being a full time stay at home Mom (YES, it’s a REAL JOB!). I have nine prerequisites to take to even be able to apply for the Master’s program, and am not eligible for a grant because of my extremely useful BA which I have already obtained, in Theatre Arts.

I have no backup plan, and not a worry in the world. This is my path. I’m about to start my third (and final “out of state”) semester at Durham Tech, and so far, I have earned straight hundreds. Yeah, mama doesn’t just need an A, I need the highest grade in the class. I am not messing around here. It feels so easy, as the right path always should.

I ran TO what I needed. I am running FOR something I believe in. And it feels fantastic!


Share with me if you have a experienced a similar switch of paths, or are struggling with finding yours. Happy Running!