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Run of the Day

August 19, 2012


I figure I may as well write at least one post that is an excrutiatingly detailed account of  a daily run.  The type of detailed account which bores non-runners to tears, yet clearly defines my amateur status to those “serious runners.” No matter how long you have been running or how many races you’ve done, there are […]

Ch Ch Ch Ch Ch Ch Ch Ch CHERRY BOMB!

August 9, 2012


I have been doing much work on gratitude lately and “working the Secret” to achieve my goals and dreams.  It is an amazing and almost euphoric feeling when the power of the Law of Attraction becomes apparent, and it has happened to me twice! (Both times involving produce for some reason?)  Here’s this summer’s positive feedback […]

Please, Thank You, and On Your Left!

August 1, 2012


My morning ritual consists of being awaken by two adorable toddlers, filling up a mug of coffee and 2 sippy cups of juice, then slipping on flip-flops while still in our pajamas to go outside and say hello to the day.  The kids run outside yelling “Hello!” because everything is literal at that age, and then list […]