Ch Ch Ch Ch Ch Ch Ch Ch CHERRY BOMB!

Posted on August 9, 2012


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I have been doing much work on gratitude lately and “working the Secret” to achieve my goals and dreams.  It is an amazing and almost euphoric feeling when the power of the Law of Attraction becomes apparent, and it has happened to me twice! (Both times involving produce for some reason?)  Here’s this summer’s positive feedback from the Universe.

I have a memory from high school about cherry tomatoes.  I would go over to a best friend’s house after cross country practice every day, and her mother always seemed to have a freshly picked bowl of cherry tomatoes on the counter.  I would eat them like m&ms. I couldn’t eat enough!  Those in the know can attest that nothing on earth tastes like a freshly picked, warm from the sun tomato, and there are few things more fun than biting into one and feeling it burst into your mouth, like a cherry bomb.

Coincedentally, I had purchased a photograph on etsy of a bowl of tomatoes on the vine to give to my husband, who has been an organic produce monger for over 20 years.  It has hung in our kitchen from house to house.

Now that we have purchased a home, we decided to put in a garden. Husband got straight down to business planting tomatoes.  I started to get really excited, dreaming about those high school cherry bombs, going out every day to show the kids the plant growth and telling them they were going to grow into little bright red circles called cherry bombs that popped in your mouth and tasted like pizza.

We (he) planted several varieties of heirlooms, plums, romas, something purple, and one cherry tomato plant called a “mexican midget.”  I kept on daydreaming about those cherry tomatoes and talking about them and hoping they would produce a few amongst the other bigger varieties in our 6×3, 18 square foot raised bed. Ha Ha Ha.” What other tomatoes?” said the mighty midget.

All summer long, I have been picking two pints a day of cherry tomatoes. Perfect, sun bright and herb tasting delicious pizza cherry bombs!  Right after we “say hello to the day” each morning, my two year old runs over to the bed and says “I want to pick some cherry bombs!” It’s all she ever wants to do outside anymore.  My husband had to build an elaborate arch made of twigs and a twine cobweb for the plant to grow up and onto.  My arms would turn lime green and vine scented from the laborious task of seeking the inner tomatoes hiding behind leaves like fugitives, in their shining bright red colors.  I ate as many as I picked, it seemed. One day during the kids’ nap I even locked myself out for a few hours, and I must have eaten a hundred of them before my husband came home to let me in.

I have posted more pictures on facebook titled things like “this mornings’s bounty!” or “I sure can pick’em!” along with “trying this tomato (fill in the blank food) from scratch, let’s see how it turns out!” So my friends near and far have no doubt who the biggest tomato fan on facebook is.

One day, when I was posting a picture of the day’s pick, I realized that as a backdrop to all these facebook photo sessions, was the framed photograph of tomatoes!  I hadn’t even noticed it!  So here I was, dreaming of the feeling of eating those tomatoes from my friend’s garden every day, looking at that picture every time I entered the kitchen, all the while subconciously summoning this grand giant midget to bring forth the Great Tomato Summer Of the 2012 Olympics. (I can call it whatever I want, the plant definitely made an Olympic effort!)

When you see the Law of Attraction in action, it feels so exhilarating!  It is not something that can be forced, many seek meditation and intense focus, but experts in the practice will all tell you that it is more about an effortless feeling of knowing it is already true. I didn’t even know I was doing it!  I don’t care what your beliefs are about the Law of Attraction, you can do a lot of fun reading and online research on the topic, or listen to Oprah, or funnel it through the practice of prayer groups.  I have found it to be an exercise in realizing your human potential, and a way to get in touch with just knowing how to be happy.

Believe in it or don’t, I am certainly not going to complain about my Olympic Cherry Bomb Summer.

Happy Running!