Ding Ding! Weigh In!

Posted on January 4, 2013


Goodbye hair! This is the downtown I run around, this is the good looking family.

Goodbye hair! This is the downtown I run around, this is the good looking family.

Front: 4 Jan 2013

Front: 4 Jan 2013

Left Side: 4 Jan 2013

Left Side: 4 Jan 2013

Right side: 4 Jan 2013

Right side: 4 Jan 2013

Back: 4 Jan 2013

Back: 4 Jan 2013

Yesterday was my Fortieth birthday. Turning Forty felt like a rite of passage into the cool kids area.  I have been looking forward to forty for a very long time.  My life is coming together. Awesome hot punk rocker husband? Check. Two genius and adorable good kids? Check.  Homeowner? Check. Happy? Check.  Still got it? Looking pretty good.  Actually on a legitimate life path and don’t have any ridiculous invented drama or low self-esteem. Yes. I am a bonafide grown up.  Ok, I did chop off all my hair and dye it blonde this week, but that’s totally ok for a forty year old, I checked the membership handbook.

But I do have a weigh in.  So let’s see how I’m going to start my year as a full blown Whole Food Plant Based Vegan.  I had my cake and ice cream and pizza lastnight.  Yes, I’m disgusting, but I did say goodbye to some foods.  To be honest, I for the most part adhered to a more vegan based diet.  But I did eat those things that I still could when the occasion arose, and ordered cheesy when out since “it was almost over.”  I didn’t think it would matter since I started my marathon training the day after my last weigh in.

So let’s talk about that training.  Since my first weigh in, I have run a 13 miler (this past Saturday) and have had four training runs a week, the lowest of which have been four milers, and the highest started at 8 miles the first Saturday and moved up progressively to the 13 miler.  A marathon is 26.2 miles, so these weekend runs are going to get even longer.  I have been having fun with it, though.  I get to hit the Tobacco trail in my backyard, run all the way downtown on a beautifully paved nature trail and open onto the Durham city skyline ending at the Durham Bulls baseball stadium before looping it, the tobacco campus, the Performing Arts Center and then returning home.  I love this run.

Here’s the data for my fellow geeks: (Since the beginning of training, Nov 26th.)

Miles run:                           140.87

Hours spent running:       22:49:44

Calories burned:               16,619

You’d think I must have already lost five or ten pounds, right? L Oh L. Here’s another fun fact about turning forty.  I actually gained a pound. No, it wasn’t a pound of muscle, thanks for trying to make me feel better.

Here’s the Official Stats:

Height                                 5’6”                      no change

Weight                                157 lbs                + 1.5 lbs.

Bust (ribcage)                    33”                        – .5”

Bust (full)                            38”                       – 2” (hysterical, am I right ladies?)

Waist (naval)                     32.5”                    – 1.5” (that’s more like it!)

Waist (beltline)                  35”                       -2.5”

Hips                                     41”                        no change

Thigh                                   24.5”                    no change

Bicep                                   11”                        no change

Calf                                      14.5″                    + .5”

BMI*                                   25.3                      + .2

Now that I am comparing measurements, I feel slightly better.  There’s a little shaved off here and there.  I’m not exactly seeing it in the pictures or feeling it in my clothes yet, though.  So I don’t need to tell you how excited I am about seeing the results in a month after my diet change.  We see here exactly what results are to be expected by ramping up your physical activity significantly, without much dietary change.

I have since last weigh in done a ton of research on living the plant based lifestyle as an athlete.  I completed my Certification in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell by T.Colin Campbell, author of the China Study. (START THERE!!!) I have watched all the related documentaries on Netflix streaming (they’re all there! Start with Forks Over Knives and the Engine 2 Rescue) and I finally got the book I’ve had on hold from the library, Thrive by Brendan Brazier (hottie!) a book about training Vegan as a performance athlete. So please do not be concerned about my protein intake or any nutritional deficiencies, I’ve been doing my homework for almost forty years.  But let’s see the proof as my training continues with the new and improved cleaned up diet!

Anyone else going gung-ho with any New year’s resolutions? Any health goals or fitness achievements you are striving for?  Anyone else training for a big event in the middle of (BRRR!) Winter?  Let me know how it’s going, I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Running!