The critics have arrived!

Posted on January 5, 2013


Say What????

Say What????

I was expecting that there may be some backlash to my posting fat pictures online for all the world to see, and although I was prepared for it, I thought it might hurt a little.  Well it didn’t!  As a matter of fact, it made me feel like I am actually doing something.  Yes, the point of showing these gross pictures is that I AM overweight, and running my arse off didn’t really run it off.  I was a practicing vegan, but fell off the wagon a little bit, and decided to go whole hog for awhile and beef it up so that I could examine the effects that physical activity and nutrition could have.

I AM surprised that picking up my running to such intensity had no effect to date, like it did in highschool when I’d shed 10 lbs of winter weight in a short three weeks. So that was sobering, but also, for my scientific data junkie self, somewhat gratifying.  Being that my focus in life is nutrition, and that I feel passionate about the Whole Foods Plant Based (WFPB) Lifestyle being the way to go to encourage the best possible health results across the board, I am excited to be able to show those results with a real cause and effect relationship with exercise already in place.

I plan to add a category where all the weigh in posts will go for easy comparative reference, and I also plan to create a page of references to learn more about this WFPB lifestyle.  I have a plethora (who doesn’t love that word? it reminds me of John Candy as Detective Crumb with his word a day calendar telling a client that her husband “is quite the philedendron.”) So yes, a plethora of resources to share including movies and books and websites and schools, maybe even brand recommendations.  Look for those additions very soon!

And to my critics and future critics; bring it on! Blow up the pictures to get a close up look at my worst areas, feel really good about yourself.  I encourage it.  If you can’t see where I am starting from, there really isn’t any point in doing this at all.  I could easily pose in my good looking, slimming workout gear and make it look like I don’t have any trouble areas at all. Trust me, this inside peek is not at all how I leave the house, I clean up quite well!  But I am doing this to be real and honest, I want the truth to be out there.  A fun thing for you to do might be to stand in your underwear and have your spouse take pictures of you with a flash, then post them online.  if you are thrilled with the results, then so am I, for you.  Maybe you could start your own blog about how great you are, and how the world could be just as great as you.  I’d read it.

So how is everyone’s New Year going so far?  Had any brutal criticisms that encouraged you? Are you (like me) your own worst critic?  How can we be sure to turn these thoughts and comments into positives and move forward with happiness?  I gotta go run 8 miles, catch you later! 🙂

Happy Running!