February Weigh In

Posted on February 1, 2013


I swashbuckle that measuring tape! (picture courtesy Lincoln, 4 1/2)

I swashbuckle that measuring tape! (picture courtesy Lincoln, 4 1/2)

It is that time.  The time when the scale, measuring tape, and digital camera come out.  I look to these weigh-ins with the same mixed feelings of dread, excitement, anticipation and curiosity as I do the still beginning of the trail when I am staring down a fifteen mile run.  How much will the scale read? How fast will I maintain my pace? Will I do better than last time? Will I be disappointed with my performance? Will I be happy with my results? The questions can all be answered with an assorted collection of numbers, the data I rely on so heavily to define myself. I will now be doing my weigh-ins on the first of each month, weigh in one was done the day before I started my marathon training on Nov 26th, and weigh in two was done on the day after I turned forty, January 3rd (4th) when my diet officially went WFPB vegan. (Whole Food, Plant Based.)   Let’s see how running on plants has affected my stats. The last weigh in was on January 4th, the day after I turned Forty and the First Day of my big going Whole Food Plant Based Vegan.  (Yes , I have gotten from a lot of my friends, “But I thought you were vegan/vegetarian?” um, read this post to explain where I went rogue.)

Here’s the Official Stats:                    from last mo.                total change

Height                                 5’6”

Weight                                148.5 lbs               -8.5 lbs.                             -7 lbs

Bust (ribcage)                    32.5”                       -.5″                                     – 1”

Bust (full)                            37.5”                       -.5″                                     – 2.5”

Waist (naval)                     30″                            -2.5”                                 – 4”

Waist (beltline)                  35”                      no change                          -2.5”

Hips                                       39.5″                        -1.5”                                 -1.5

Thigh                                   22”                            -2.5″                                   -2.5″

Bicep                                   11”                        no change                         no change

Calf                                      14.5″                    no change                          + .5”

BMI*                                   24.0                         -1.3                                     -1.1

*please note this is a simple weight to height ratio, there are more accurate ways to measure your Body Mass Index involving pinch calipers and/or submersion tubs. For the purposes of this blog, I’ll take the easy route, which ballparks it and is easily accessible from your home computer in your jammies. If your BMI is thrown off by excess muscle, because you are a bodybuilder or something, you already know your BMI should be off, so don’t go “guessing” that you have all this muscle throwing it off, unless you clearly do.  If you are still convinced that you are in the wrong BMI place, go to a professional for help. (I mean a fitness assessor, try the gym!)

So, yes, I lost 8 1/2 pounds this month. Does that make me happy? Oh yes, it does actually. Truth be told, most of that weight fell off in the first week.  Then it was a steady loss the rest of the way.  And my lil BMI? NO LONGER in the OVERWEIGHT category. Suh-weet!

As you can see by my last post, the diet has not been a challenge. If you love to cook, going vegan is practically a gift. No it IS a gift. I have decided if I make it the whole year (which I fully intend on doing, I’m totally in this for life!), I will get myself a vegan-declaring tattoo. I’m thinking something superhero-ish.   I would do it now since I’m dedicated to this lifestyle until death do us part, but feel that ink would make me a hypocrite before I go the full 12 months first.

I am a teeny tiny bit disappointed with my pictures. The scale and the way I look in clothes and (even out of them) in the mirror, have been really nice to me, but looking at these pictures is really hard! I deny that this is what I really look like. I DENY IT! I am actually holding off on posting this entry until my husband wakes up and can redo my pictures since I look skinnier this morning than I did last night, but I am getting hungry, so he’d better hurry.

I should not be so petty about such a trivial and vain pursuit. It’s just that it used to be so easy!  When I was in highschool and college, and my twenties, I could knock off my winter layer in three weeks by just running 3-5 miles a day, and maintaining my two pizzas and a whole bag of chips and salsa a day diet.  Now at forty, I am running a significant bit more than that, and eating like nature intended. So why don’t I look like Jennifer Aniston? Just a philisophical question, no need to answer.  I can say with a sense of personal growth achievement, that this feeling has saved itself only for the monthly weigh-in, as my day to day self esteem has really skyrocketed. I’ve been buying lots of new workout clothes, and don’t have those tearing-up-your-closet moments where everything makes you look fat and ugly anymore.  I can’t wait for summer and have even been looking at bathing suits.   I do however, sincerely look forward to better pictures next month!  I suppose what is so hard about the photos is that it tells me clearly that I am not this swimsuit model superbabe that I think I am.  It is as if these pictures had been doctored to sell to the Inquirer. (See how I went ahead and added famous celebrity worth selling pictures to the Inquirer to my supermodel resume there? A legend in my own mind. Don’t worry, I’m aware that I’m ridiculous, and I think it’s funny.)

So here’s my running stats for all of January:

Miles run:                              125.5

Hours spent running:       19:52:27

Calories burned:                 14,554

You may note they are slightly lower than the last set of data. The previous weigh in included data from the end of November as well. In this set of data, I included one workout in beginning of January which was also in the last set of data since I started on the fourth. From this point forward, the data will be month to month exactly. I can’t imagine you care more about the  time cut offs on my run data than I do, so we’re good, right?

And without further discussion, here’s the truth:

Feb 1 2013, Front

Feb 1 2013, Front

Feb 1 2013, R profile

Feb 1 2013, R profile

1 Feb 20013, L profile

1 Feb 20013, L profile

1 Feb 2012, Back

1 Feb 2012, Back

Okay, now show me yours. Just kidding (unless you want to)
Happy Running Out There!