18 miles

Posted on February 9, 2013



Today I sit here, plugged into the outlet waiting for my phone to reach a full charge before heading out to run my furthest distance to date, 18 miles. I’m scared, excited, anxious…much the same feelings I experienced when I was the first of my study abroad group being strapped into Velcro legwarmers, by a shirtless and handsome Santiago, in order to bungee jump off a bridge in a third world country.
Here is a quick photo of my distance snack pack. For breakfast, I had one cup of coffee, lots of water, a tiny serving of tofu scramble, and a large juice of five carrots, two apples a bunch of broccoli greens, with a tsp of spirulina.
My 12 oz run bottle is mostly water, with an added tsp of spirulina and a dash of oj. The zipper pack on the handle is stuffed with some energy nuggets from the Whole Foods trail mix bar, and some broken prices of dried pineapple rings.
I’ve really gotten the hang of this running nutrition thing, thanks to Brendan Brazier’s book, Thrive, and an amalgam of advice from respected and trusted runner friends with more experience.
Wish me luck out there, I get to cut new trail today, since I’ll be heading across the highway to a new portion of the Tobacco Trail to get all my miles in. One day, the two sides will be connected and all of us Durham runners can just go nuts out there.

Happy Running Everyone!

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