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The boss of me

March 24, 2013


I can’t go running today because this guy says he doesn’t want me to leave. I have been working, going to class and running so much as of late, and on top of it all, the little ones have had to endure deal making and bargaining so that “Mommy can do her work” in the […]

Have Puppy, Will Run!

March 22, 2013


Some of you (a very few) may remember that one of my first posts was about training my new puppy, Oliver the Great, to run. You may also have noticed, that there haven’t been any more successful posts about running with Oliver.  He got a few brief mentions; at the end of this post for eating […]

The Tobacco Road Marathon!

March 19, 2013


I am a brand new inductee into an elite society: Marathon Runner.  I am not an elite member among members, merely a humble finishee, but I got the medal nonetheless.  And I am super duper proud of myself.  I trained well, and I put much thought into my nutrition, outfit, and hairdo (all equally important, […]

Weigh In #4

March 19, 2013


Here’s a quick second-day-after-the-marathon recap. I am doing a double post today, so I’ll get chatty in the marathon post! 🙂 Again, I used my second-hand man photographer, Lincoln, he’s getting better. Stats: 1/2 the Month of March: Miles Run: 77 Time spent running:11:53:12 Calories Burned: 8,820 Here’s the Phyical Stats:         […]

Marathon Outfit!

March 7, 2013


This is the best of over 20 pictures taken by up and coming photographer Lincoln, four and a half years; with set direction given by Oliver, 9 months. (Pictured) This is my official marathon day running outfit. Yes, my new job at Athleta has its perks 🙂 there is still time to change or tweak […]

Why is Everyone Wearing Shorts?

March 3, 2013


Today is a beautiful, sunny day. And it is 40 degrees with a stiff breeze. I considered a treadmill run, but the clear sky won me over, even though I’m a Coldy-cat. I had 10 miles today, the longest distance I have left before the big upcoming 26.2 in a few short weeks. Still, my […]

Weigh-in #3!

March 2, 2013


You might see here that my photos have a different artistic approach this month than in previous weigh-in shoots.  I had to switch photographers at the last moment due to pressing deadlines.  Instead of my usual Media Arts/Photography major husband and our pretty good digital camera, I was lucky enough to land a new up […]