Weigh-in #3!

Posted on March 2, 2013


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You might see here that my photos have a different artistic approach this month than in previous weigh-in shoots.  I had to switch photographers at the last moment due to pressing deadlines.  Instead of my usual Media Arts/Photography major husband and our pretty good digital camera, I was lucky enough to land a new up and coming photographer, Lincoln, 4 1/2 years old.  He was gracious enough to use such a rudimentary tool as my iPhone for the shots,  and even was so kind as to offer up a quick and impromptu posing suggestion. Enjoy.

Progress report: I have hit some pretty high mileage, and I have been perfectly consistent with my training.  I have decided that my “avoid hitting the wall” tactic for my really huge distance runs is to go at it tortoise-style. Slow and Steady.  I ran my twenty last Sunday without incident, casually cruising the whole way while listening to my Spanish immersion course library download.  I found that for these very long runs, music isn’t always what I need, I have to multitask and engage my brain.  Three and a half hours later, I am confidently running along reciting such brave and bold Spanish phrases such as; “Disculpe, estoy perdida. Donde esta la parada de autobus en el mapa?”  Yes, I was again the crazy lady talking to herself wearing headphones, while running. I’m almost getting proud of it. Although my long run was paced out pretty slowly to avoid “dyin’ or cryin’,” my regular shorter runs have gotten faster than I ever thought they could.  I ran eight miles yesterday at my own relativite speed-of-light, and upon returning home, found I’d been accidentally locked out by my husband on a grocery run. I figured, “What the whatever, I’ll just loop around and hit up another quick two miles.” Like that’s such a normal thing to do.

My diet has been a different story.  Let’s just be honest. 20 miles is really, really far. I’ve only done that once, but there have been many distance runs almost as far, and an overall whole lot of miles run!  I have been a non-stop feeding machine!  I have definitely stuck with being vegan, I’ll never go back from there, but the Whole-Plant-Based portion has been a little less than perfect.  Don’t worry! I HAVE stuck with it, but there have been moments (some of them hormonally induced) when I ate my popcorn covered in olive oil. That was only one night, but it was two giant bowls.  I have been making some homemade tortillas from Masa Harina, but I’ve started cutting it with whole wheat flour, and for heaven’s sake I have NOT added oil to that!  My husband. noticing my ridiculous appetite, lovingly made some well intended vegan chocolate chip cookies that were awesome, but not all that light on the sugar.  And okay, a few times I ate the leftovers from my kids’ fake cheese quesadillas.

Since I’m in the confessional booth already, I’ll go ahead and add that working at the mall can be tough when you have gone straight from an eight or ten mile run to work, then directly to night class and didn’t prepare a packed lunch.  I have been able to request a steamed veggie entree (with white rice, but at least only steamed) from one of the Asian eateries in the food court, but they have to make it fresh on the spot, and a 30 minute break goes faster than you’d think. So there have been moments where an instantly-served  tofu/veggie vegan entree was more practical, but may have had an oily-like sauce I didn’t think too hard about.  All in all, there is definitely room for improvement, but I’ll give myself about an 85% keeping it to a perfect plant based diet (vegan- with NO added oils, sugars, salt, or processed foods, and only whole grain products.)  The hormones are my biggest challenge, and like I said, the miles. Oh! The Miles! I eat like an Army of hungry teenagers! When the marathon is over in a few short weeks, I’ll get to tweaking the diet further toward perfection.  For now, I can’t afford to stick to my guns 24/7 when my fuel window is coming to a close.  I’m still keeping it pretty tight to the plan.

On with the statistics!

Month of February:

Miles Run: 146.1

Time spent running: 23:01:55 (that’s just shy of one whole day!)

Calories Burned: 16,876 (that is a real number!)

Here’s the Official Stats:                    from last mo.                total change

Height                                 5’6”

Weight                               144 lbs               – 4.5 lbs.                           – 11.5 lbs

Bust (ribcage)                    32”                       – 0.5″                                     – 1.5”

Bust (full)                            37”                       – 0.5″                                     – 3”  (this part of me has pretty much left the building, lol)

Waist (naval)                     29″                         – 1”                                    – 5”

Waist (beltline)                  32.5”                      – 2.5                                     – 5”

Hips                                       39″                        – 0.5”                                 – 2″

Thigh                                   22.5”                      + 0.5″                                 – 2″

Bicep                                   10.5”                       – 0.5″                                – 0.5″

Calf                                      14.5″                    no change                         + .5”

BMI*                                   23.2                         – 0.8                                     -1.9


And that is that for February. It is officially 15 days until my marathon, and I am super excited. I bought a pair of Superman Blue tights that not only make me look like a superhero, but clearly make me run so super fast. <— (Those are not italics, that is wind.)  I feel the power of the cobalt blue, thanks, Athleta!  (That is my new part time mall job, selling workout clothes. Awesome.) Thanks to that little perk, I am narrowing down my outfit choices for the big day. Which, as any self respecting Running Nerd knows, is the most important part.

Does anyone have an item of clothing that gives them super powers?  Anyone out there fond of running and verbalizing to oneself in song or Spanish? Nerds love company, don’t be scared to share.

Happy running out there!