Why is Everyone Wearing Shorts?

Posted on March 3, 2013


Today is a beautiful, sunny day. And it is 40 degrees with a stiff breeze. I considered a treadmill run, but the clear sky won me over, even though I’m a Coldy-cat.

I had 10 miles today, the longest distance I have left before the big upcoming 26.2 in a few short weeks. Still, my tush walked outside wearing a jogbra tank, a long sleeve tech tee, my favorite mid weight jacket, a head wrap, long thick tights, legwarmers, and gloves. Never during my whole run did I feel overdressed. I was cold, but managing.

So why on Earth are all these runners out there in capris, tshirts, and visors? And SHORTS!!! I wish I could say this was the first I’d seen of it, but I see it all the time.

Previously, I had believed these people to be more serious runners doing long distances unfettered, much unlike us amateurs. But now that I have 20 miles under my belt and just under 150 miles a month during this training- I no longer feel it fair to other amateurs to keep myself in the beginner category. I’m running far and furious, and I wish I were wearing polar fleece.

No one wants it to be Spring more than I do, but freezing myself sick wearing shorts is no way to get it here faster.

My final deduction is that these are not super professional runners, nor are they bad or unintelligent people. They are just people without access to weather apps or tv.

Happy running out there! Stay warm!