The boss of me

Posted on March 24, 2013



I can’t go running today because this guy says he doesn’t want me to leave. I have been working, going to class and running so much as of late, and on top of it all, the little ones have had to endure deal making and bargaining so that “Mommy can do her work” in the form of studying and quiz taking (for my beast of a Chem II class) on the laptop while they watch tv.

When I got off work lastnight after bedtime, I snuck in for kisses and got a one eye open Lincoln who told me “oh, Mommy! I love you, you’re home.”
I promised him that even though I was going to go to work the next day, I would use my at home time to play Candyland, play Legos, anything he wanted, no working on the computer. It earned me a really big smile and one last kiss before the thumb went back into his sleepy face.

I had planned on getting in a ten or twelve miler today, since I have the hubs home and I don’t go in until 1:30. Of course, the weather had other ideas; rain, all day today and the next two, possibly converting to snow at any of those times. Spring- you are ridiculous.

I decided to head to the gym for a quick six, and approached Lincoln, fully clad in my running gear. I asked him if it was okay if Mommy went for a run, and without a pause, and with no hint of complaint, he stated simply,” No, I want you to stay.”

Some things actually can take priority over fitness. If everybody doesn’t mind, could you do an extra mile or so for me? I have some Star Wars Legos needing immediate attention.