Weigh In 5- I must be crazy

Posted on April 1, 2013


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OK, here’s the pics.  I know you just saw them the day after the marathon, so it’s only been 2 weeks, but I have to keep it legit and post on the first of every month.  No one else is going to make me accountable, and knowing you are taking half naked pictures to post for the world to see will really help to motivate you.  Not thrilled about the doughy vibe in this set, but I’m keeping it real.

Not bothering with all the stats til the first, but here’s the brief version…

Weight 143…  gained a couple, no big deal. 

Ok, I’ll give more detail in two weeks.

Right now it is all about setting goals and fighting the fear of gaining twenty pounds the day after the marathon.  I know that won’t really happen, but it can seem that way.  I already feel like a super pudgester bloat monster, and I’m sure it has nothing to do with all of the Whole Food Plant Based Fat Free Vegan muffins, pasta, breads, and pizzas I’ve been eating. (There will always be junk food, no matter the dietary restrictions.)

After a few post-race runs, I was feeling bored. I just didn’t feel like I had a goal to focus on.  So as not to let myself fall victim to resting on my laurels, I bought a super expensive and awesome pair of size four pants and set myself a goal on Runkeeper to run 65 miles in four weeks.  That isn’t too much, but it’s enough to keep me from slacking.  I figured that was 5 miles, three times a week, plus an extra five miles sprinkled on top for extra credit.  No sweat.  The second I set that goal, I found my purpose again.  I am fear driven, and the thought of not reaching a set goal  induces failure paranoia. I guess I’m a failurephobe. But really, who isn’t?

I blew through my first week’s portion in two runs, and then thinking I wasn’t even going to get a chance to run today, found a giant window of opportunity.  What was going to be three miles with the dog  evolved into; “Well, if I go by myself I can run downtown,” which mid-run turned into, “If I’m going all the way downtown, I can just add a mile loop in the city and get in a whole 13.1 and see if I can beat my half marathon PR.”

I was feeling really good today, which is strange since my last run was pretty bleh. The weather was an ideal sunny 65, I wore a tank top and got a tan, I never felt too fast or that I wasn’t pushing it a little. It was a great pace, and I found myself doing a whole lot of smiling. I kept laughing at little things, like when I forgot to rezip my snack handle on my water bottle and showered myself in jelly beans. I thought things were falling out of trees on me. I didn’t have any race snack food at home, but we had a stash of vegan jelly beans from the Easter Bunny, so I used those as my fuel. As they hit the paved trail underfoot, I started laughing hysterically remembering that bunny in the movie “Hop” that pooped jelly beans. Here comes Peter Cottontail.

Another moment that had me laughing like a lunatic was when a pack of grade school boys came down the path toward me on their bikes. One extended his arm for a high five and when we got in the contact zone, he quickly pulled a “too slow” hand slick to the hair move. I thought it was the funniest thing ever. His friend at the back of the pack held his hand out for me to slap, and just as I thought he was obviously going for the same move, he gave me a solid five. Sweet.

Feeling great when I brought it in at a complete 5 minutes under my best half marathon time, I headed inside the house as if I had just gone for my usual daily jog.  I really need to get my head examined, I think I may be showing early signs.  This high wasn’t finished with me yet; I decided to text a couple of friends that the new Rock n Roll Marathon in Raleigh was in 13 months and we could save 30 bucks if we signed up today. and you know what? Those crazy lunatics BOTH DID IT! So yes, I am now officially signed up for my next marathon.  A whole one.  In hilly, hilly, A-curvy-lettered-curvy-lettered Raleigh.

Hope you all had a great run out there today, it was beautiful beyond words in the weathersphere.

Happy Running!