Make your Luck!

Posted on April 12, 2013



I am a very happy person. It was not always this way. When I was young, I was a very sad individual. Nothing ever seemed to go right, and I was massively depressed with a horrible self esteem. If only Me now could talk to Me then. Sigh. It’s great to know my good years are in front of me instead of behind. It took me many years to mature to a level where I was no longer afraid of anything good in the world and I felt confident in my own skin.

I specifically remember during my senior year of college living in this great old house a block away from the Theatre building (my major- so..second home) with five roommates. We were surrounded by a yard full of clover all around the house. One roommate had this friend that use to come over all the time and without even looking, glance down and say “Oh, there’s a four leaf clover. Look, ‘nother one. There’s another one.” She’d just bend down and pick em up right as she was prattling on about the latest romance novel she read, or the nudist camp where she’d just gotten a job as a secretary. She really never stopped talking.

It used to make me insane. I would spend significant time privately searching for four leaf clovers. I NEVER found any. One day I just had to confront her and I asked, “How do you always find four leaf clovers everywhere? You’re not even trying and I’ve been looking for them my whole life!”

She shrugged and said, “I don’t know, they just kindof stare up at ya.”

This girl was average looking, just kindof average all around. She was a bit country fried, and didn’t really do much to glamorize herself. She was still cute enough, though. I looked at her and I couldn’t understand what she was always so happy about! She didn’t get good grades, had financial issues, and no boyfriend. But she was always happy. None of that stuff phased her in the least. And she ended up doing the most fascinating things by chance. She’d just be wandering through life minding her own business and meet some people to go boating and skiing with all week during the summer. Always something like that. I actually liked her very much, but her strokes of good luck drove me insane. Like the child I still was, I couldn’t shake that feeling of “why her and not me? I try so hard, and she doesn’t even care!!!”

How ridiculous all of that internal drama seems now. I am so glad that I finally grew a backbone in my life and decided I was just as important as everybody else. It was a slow journey, but bit by bit, I became happier. I worried less about things out of my control. I started making decisions based on my own feelings and thoughts. And guess what else? For a decade now, I find four leaf clovers wherever I go! Just before writing this post, I picked four of them from right next to the car as I was loading up the kids for a vacation. (An exciting adventure that just happened to fall in my lap.) Yes, I have been gifted with the leprechaun vision. I have stopped short in the middle of a run and gone- “woop! There’s another one!” I bring four leaf clovers home in my running clothes pockets for the kids all the time.

They really do just stare right up at you!

Happy Running out there- and may you all have the luck of the Irish on your side!