Top ten ways to be happy

Posted on April 14, 2013


I got some feedback from my last post, and I realized that sometimes I take for granted the simple things I have learned that can be life changing. Even if you are already a master of happiness, I always love a good refresher course in ways to be awesome. Yes, this list has been made by others before, but this one is mine- so only follow if you hope to be at least as awesome as me. L Oh L.

1. Choose happiness. I tell my daughter this daily. You have two choices in life: you can choose to be happy, or you can choose to be sad, it’s completely up to you. (She always chooses sad- but she’s three years old and we’re working on it) I’d choose happy, it ends up better that way.

2. Think about the good stuff, instead of the bad stuff. Every single person on this planet has both. I guarantee you that if you spend all day thinking about things that suck, life will suck. If you think about the things that are pretty good, they will get even better. And life will be awesome!

3. Have really crazy big dreams and talk about them. I want to open a wellness center in Hawaii that is part super rich people diet/life rehab center, part community outreach education, part farm, part big ole all my best friends together workin’ it commune. I tell people about it all the time. It’s insanely intangible. But is it? And having giant crazy dreams has you reaching to be your best- so you may end up somewhere else awesome while on your way.

4. Fix or toss it- TODAY! Broken things lying around bring you way down. Put a trip to the hardware store or to pick up a battery or thread on your list for the day, fix it and forget it! If you are not going to do that- immediately throw it away and forget it.

5. Go Outside! You will immediately feel better. Sunshine, air, greenery, birds. The stuff of feeling better immediately. Nothing changes my perspective more quickly. Just walk right out the door. It’s fine. You might even be inspired to exercise, which is the number one best way to feel freaking fantastic.

6. Pick things based exactly on what you like. Your environment should reflect you- not some fake image of perfection you are trying to project to show people how perfect you are. This goes for your house, your clothes, your hair- whatever- let it be you.

7. Plan ahead to relax. Saying you should go do this awesome thing…one day…is a sure fire prescription for it’s never gonna happen. Look at a calendar, block off enough time, save the money. Go live some life! Plan ahead so you can truly unwind in the moment once it arrives.

8. Choose your environment wisely. I mostly mean spouse and friends, but this extends to work, home, hangouts, city/state/country. You are the company you keep and the place you live. Let your choices represent the real you, let yourself be yourself in all of these environments.

9. Make people feel good about themselves. The reward you will receive in being surrounded by happy people that want to be around you will change your life. This one can be tricky. It’s easy to be snippy and criticize those you are close to, but you will do yourself a lot of future favors to be supportive and nice instead.

10. Be your number one cheerleader. How on Earth will you ever find happiness if you are your own worst critic? See list item number 2, apply it to yourself, and be nice. Do not let your internal dialog talk about your thighs like that! You are awesome! No one can convince you of that better than you.

Happy Running out there!
May happiness be with you always.