Weigh in #6- Maintain!

Posted on May 1, 2013


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It’s weigh-in five, a good month and a half after finishing my marathon.  This was my scariest time period. The fear of gaining a ton of weight after finishing my training was real. But look! It didn’t happen! I am very relieved, and thankful for my whole food plant based vegan lifestyle.  I admit I’ve been doing some serious chowing down, but you can’t do too much damage this way. There were lots of homemade vegan cookies involved along the way.

To make sure I didn’t slack off on the running, I used my Runkeeper app to set a goal to complete 65 miles in four weeks.  Mission accomplished, I got all my miles in and was glad I had set the goal. It wasn’t too much, but enough to be considered a challenge and to keep my bones from getting too comfy from disuse. After I finished my goal, however, I have to confess that I have let my hectic life takeover and I haven’t run in a week.  I doubled up at work, which was fun, and I have finals on Monday! THIS Monday.  I am precariously close to the line between an A and a B, so no coasting allowed, I need to ace this Chem 2 Final.  I have promised myself that I will sharpen up my running shoes as soon as I get through it!

I have signed up for the Rock n’ Roll Raleigh Marathon (yes, the full!) which is in one year, and I have dared a friend I used to run cross country with in high school to run it with me. Since she is getting back into the swing of things, I want to run to with her, and I have two more friends running as well. I thought I would like to go for a PR, so I might as well find  another marathon to do at my own pace.  So I will also be signing up for the Outer Banks full marathon which is in the Fall.

I will also be free on Wednesday nights after this week to be able to join my favorite group run on Wednesday nights, the Fullsteam run sponsored by my favorite running store, Bull City Running.  It starts and ends at a brewery surrounded by food trucks. During the run, you head through downtown and race to the Duke Chapel, tag the door, and head back.It’s a hilly adventure, and a great time with like minded running nerds all around. I have made some new friends through work and school who are all going to be running it also, as well as maintaining my standing date night with my best running buddy Liz. (Mommies unite!) We have been missing these Wednesday nights all semester while I learn more Science.

I feel like my running will be in a good place. I can make room for it, and still have a life. (Just make running your social life!) My diet has allowed me the freedom to be able to go off when my hormones are the boss of me, help me recover well from hard workouts, remain injury free, and I feel like I’m not looking to shabby either!

So here’s the stats, I gotta get to work, and then class.

ere’s the Phyical Stats:                    from last mo.                total change

Height                                 5’6”

Weight                               142 lbs               – 1 lbs.                           – 14.5 lbs

Bust (ribcage)                    32”                          0″                                     – 2.5”

Bust (full)                            36”                      +1″                                     – 4”

Waist (naval)                     28″                         0”                                    – 6”

Waist (beltline)                  32”                         – 1″                                 – 7.5”

Hips                                    38″                          +0.5”                                 – 3″

Thigh                                   22”                           0″                                 – 2.5″

Bicep                                   10.5”                       +0.5″                                 –0.5″

Calf                                      14.5″                    no change                         ”

BMI*                                   22.9                        +0.2                                 -2.2

That’s that!

Happy Running Everyone!