Weigh In 7- The Vanity Zone

Posted on June 1, 2013


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And so it begins…the between race slump. I was determined to evade its grip, and I felt pretty good about keeping it together and setting goals until I signed up for two more marathons and let myself slide knowing there was a safety net on the horizon. My next marathon is in November, and I have not really been keeping up my running.  Twice a week on good weeks, and I have added in a kettle bell class (which I was calling “kettleballs” until corrected yesterday, lol)

The other ugly truth is that my diet has gone down the tubes. Still vegan and all, but there have been some minor infractions, and well, I have been indulgin in a little too many pints of Coconut based ice cream. They make it in vegan chocolate chip cookie dough! I am a VICTIM of delicious food revolutionary design. I’ll show me, look at that gut!

Whoa!!!! Yeah, did you see that negative remark I just said about myself? I am determined from this point forward to stop with all of that body image nonsense immediately.  I work in a fitness clothing store, and I hear women of all shapes and sizes, mostly athletic types, complain all day long about their deficiencies. So if we aren’t magazine cover perfect, we make ourselves feel deficient. Is that ridiculous? This is what I call “The Vanity Zone.”  Am I in danger of a life threatening disease taking over my health? Am I having difficulty walking, or breathing? Do I look like Jabba the Hut? NO! Am I ready to walk down a lingerie runway? Uh, no. And there are less people on earth that can do that than there are marathon runners, so I’ll stay in my group, the latter.  Of course I am always going to try to bring myself closer to perfection, but I do this in many aspects of my life.

An interesting twist on this vanity zone concept is that over the years, when I am at my most fit, I am the most self concious of my imperfections. When I was 200 pounds and nursing a newborn, for some reason, I thought I looked pretty hot for a mom.  I wasn’t worried about it! But after running a marathon and gaining a post race 5 lbs? Holy Mass Depression, I’m the worst! While I am busy shaving off the slight imperfections from my frame, I will vow to become even more vigilant about shaking off that negative attitude. God forbid I share it with my daughter and set her up for a lifetime of feeling less than what she should be.  I vow to now focus on being healthy, strong and capable, and have those goals motivate me. So here’s the proof of my ridiculous American Vanity.

Here’s the Phyical Stats:                    from last mo.                total change

Height                                 5’6”

Weight                               146 lbs              +4 lbs.                           – 10.5 lbs

Bust (ribcage)                    32”                          0″                             – 2.5”

Bust (full)                            36.5”                      +0.5″                         – 3.5”

Waist (naval)                     31.5″                         +3.5”                         – 2.5”

Waist (beltline)                  34”                            +2″                             –5.5”

Hips                                    39″                          +1”                                 – 2″

Thigh                                   22”                           0″                                 – 2.5″

Bicep                                   11”                       +0.5″                                 0″

Calf                                      14.5″                    no change                         ”

BMI*                                   23.6                        +.7                                 -1.5

You’ll notice the biggest changes are in my waist measurement and my weight.  I confess I do feel pretty bloated today, but I am definitely a little more zaftig overall.  I’ve been dressing differently to hide the pooch and I amazed at how much it relaxes through the day and changes my overall appearance. I have put some clothing items temporarily on the back burner until I check myself! Enough bashing ! So that brings me to my next post…for which you’ll have to wait until tomorrow! (Although technically it starts today: the 30 day ab challenge.)  I’ll keep you posted, so tune in!

Happy Running Everyone!