July 1 Weigh In

Posted on July 1, 2013


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Allrighty.  Been a little slackerville on the blogging front, my life has taken on a busy direction, and I just need to stabilize and figure out how to carve in my writing time, and my running time!  Here”s the stats:

Here’s the Phyical Stats:                    from last mo.                total change

Height                                 5’6”

Weight                               144.5 lbs              -1.5 lbs.                           – 11 lbs

Bust (ribcage)                    32.5”                          +0.5″                             –1 ”

Bust (full)                            35.5”                      -1″                                – 4.5”

Waist (naval)                      29″                           -2.5                                  –5”

Waist (beltline)                   32”                            -2″                             –5.5”

Hips                                    38″                          -1”                                 – 3″

Thigh                                   22”                           0″                                 – 2.5″

Bicep                                   10.5″                       -0.5″                                 -0.5″

Calf                                      14″                          -0.5″                               0″

BMI*                                   23.4                          -0.2                                -1.7

This past month, I took on an abs challenge.  After seeing how ridiculously weak my abdominals were after taking my first kettlebell class, I decided to get proactive.  My fellow coworkers at Athleta (Southpoint Mall, Kick Asphalt, my girlies!) joined in and our B.A. resident  rugby woman, she of the abs of steel, (the kind on magazine covers, but for true) helped us design a daily plan. My girl was not messing around. Note in the pictures my amazing new abdominal definition. (Look closer, you might see it! Just squint a little and tilt your head)

So as I’ve been doing my daily abtastic 30 minute workouts (even while vacationing!) And taking my weekly hour long kettlebell class focusing on weighted squats and lunges for days, My running has SLACKED considerably. Once a week after my kettle class I run a treadmill 5 k, and once a week on Wednesday nights I do a group run. (Whoohoo! Thanks Bull City Running and Fullsteam Brewery!)  Although I have been keeping my veganism intact easily this month, I seem to have unexpectedly fallen down a sugar rabbit hole. Sure, It’s raw sucanat and Agave syrup, but there are limits even for “healthy alternative sugar.”  So while I am discovering more sculpted definiton, I am simultaneously covering it up from lack of cardio.  I’l call it a Break Even Steven.

For the month ahead, I vow to blog more, put on the sugar brakes, and find out when to start my training for my Marathon in November.  I should probably get right on that, it might need to start today. I just have to catch up on half a summer semester of an online Sociology course first.  A straight A procrastinator, that’s me.

For the month of June, look for these possible posts:

  • School future crossroads, many good options, which is right for me
  • Balance: Part time work, part time school, and full time Mommying. phew.
  • A moment with chocolate muffins
  • Get a foot tattoo
  • Top ten vegan rescues (mayonaisse! bacon bits!)
  • Next hairdo: purple, red, blue, pink or brown?

Happy Running Everyone:)