When’s the best age for a tattoo? 40!

Posted on July 20, 2013


I’ve had a pretty adventurous week here in the mid stride of my fortieth year. I’ve been intending on getting a tattoo marking the completion of my first marathon (back in March) and waited until a Bestie from the Westie came to visit from California so we could get them together. We had so much fun at the tattoo parlor, we even threw in some piercing for fun. Got a small upper ear cartilage stud.
Then, my dear friend decided to give us parents a great anniversary gift and babysit the kids (on her vacation!) So back to the tattoo parlor the very next day, our ten year wedding anniversary!

I am now sporting a beautiful winged lightning bolt covering my left foot to remind me to keep running my whole life through. It came from the same sketch but went in two different directions on mine and my friends’ feet. The next day’s ink is of mine and my husband’s initials with our two kids’ initials and our wedding date, different fonts for different spouses.

It says something about commitment to get a tattoo with someone. It is my second co-tattoo with my friend, and my husband’s first ever tattoo. They mark important bonds, and I can almost say those initials sparkle quite like a diamond with the glimmer of a future and of an investment of love.

I never thought I’d be a tattoo receiving girl, and now I have THREE. Let me simmer with these for awhile before I get too excited about my next one- but it’s going to be hard for me to resist the siren song of a tattoo gun.

Without question, from this day forward I’ll have a constant reminder that I need to get this flying bolted foot moving and stay the runner girl I was born into being. I could say romantic things about my newest tattoo, but truly, I hardly need reminding of my precious family. I do absolutely love the bond of having similar but different tattoos together with my sweet sweetie. I wonder if I put some wings and bolts on him he might start getting interested in running? No matter, he’s perfect as he is and I’ll keep up the miles for the both of us.
What do you guys think?