Running and Peeing

Posted on July 25, 2013



This photo was taken in the Fullsteam ladies room, post run!

I have reached the pinnacle of the out of shape slump between training for marathons.  I have to say, it happens amazingly fast.  I am by no means near the level of out-of-shape I was at the beginning of this Year of Forty journey, but some muscly areas have turned more jelloey.  As is my usual M.O., I kind of let it rip there knowing training was just on the horizon.   I looked at my calendar and my trusty RunKeeper app, lazily I might add, to see when I should start training for my November 10th marathon.  Whoops. Looks like I missed a day already.  Time to jump right in!

Luckily, this was yesterday, the same day as my weekly Wednesday run at Fullsteam Brewery in downtown Durham, a big fun group run sponsored by Bull City Running.  After a weak parental pass-off at my 5 year old’s tennis lesson involving some lost keys, I was running a little bit late and I missed my group’s start for the 6.5 mile run.  I heard them leave as I was parking and ran to catch the tail end of the next group, the four milers.  I tried in vain to catch the back of the pack of the 6.5ers, but it wasn’t happening.  It did give me a 7:47 first mile, which is not at all my normal pace.  Especially this late in my season of not running.  

I may not have mentioned that I guzzle a ton of water in advance to hydrate for these baking hot summer runs, and that I usually get a chance to empty my tank at home, and again once I arrive at Fullsteam.  I missed both those opportunities.  Those of you childbearing women and runners out there will know exactly what I’m about to talk about, but if you don’t fall into one of those categories, this might make you uncomfortable.  

Since I haven’t been to the Fullsteam run in three weeks, and there has been road work on the 6.5 mile route, I was not familiar with the “new route,” so I decided to reach the Duke campus and loop it twice (once more than the 4 mile group) and head back, to gain around five miles.  All was going well, but my early speed, the heat and my full tank started to take its toll.  Oh, the heat. Phew. It really sucks the energy out of you.  After reasoning that 4 would be an honorable mileage and all that my training plan required of me, I thought about just doing one lap.  I was losing steam and feeling lightheaded. But once I got to the turn off, my Superwoman competitive spirit took over and I passed it right on by.  

On the second Duke Campus lap, I started losing bladder control. Nothing new for a runner, and not a big deal. Just a tiny little nothing every few steps.  Yeah. It got pretty bad.  Thank goodness it was so hot and I was wearing a running skort.  

My weak “yes, I’ve given birth” bladder does ok when running, but for some reason stopping is when it can’t handle itself. So stoplights, pretty traumatic. It’s so hot, luckily.  Eh, it just looks like sweat anyways. (A big runner’s rationalization.)  I couldn’t keep my pace up on the unshaded uphills and had to stop and walk, several times,  just long enough to not pee down my leg, and then start running again.  I am not lying when I say I was pretty much peeing the entire second half of my run.  Never past my skort, but let’s just say I needed a shower immediately upon returning home.  Gross, you might think as a comfortable reader sitting indoors at your computer, but when you are running in 90+ humid heat, uphill, out of shape, it’s really no big thing.  Runners be Peeing. 

When I finally arrived back at the Brewery, in 5.7 miles at a 9:54 pace, I hightailed it straight to the head of course, with not much to contribute. I then headed to the big water jugs and had two full glasses of water to replace all of the lost fluids from the excessive sweating. Yeah. 

I learned three things:

  1. being late can wreck your mileage plans,
  2. don’t make crazy mileage plans on hot hot days when you are out of training, and
  3. ALWAYS hit the head before running Fullsteam, even if it makes you late. I suppose I should add:
  4. when you do something really embarrassing that you don’t even want to share with your spouse, you might not want to blog about it. But that’s just not my style.

Happy Running out there!

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