Weigh in- Vacation style

Posted on August 2, 2013


Here is a brief weigh in update from the road. I’m a day late and mid grandparent visit with the kids, so excuse my guest room selfie photo shoot and iPhone upload post.

I do not have a measuring tape, but feel pretty close to last month, maybe even on the heavier side from this salted snack food drive. I’ve been a steady 145 lbs for at least a month.

This should be the maximum weight/size for the tween marathon slump, because I’ve begun training for my Nov 10 Outer Banks Marathon. This is a size I can live with, and I no longer worry about my health in terms of size; but in flexibility, endurance, and speed. I couldn’t care less about how ‘skinny’ I am, but love feeling like my joints and muscles are young and strong!

I’ll have more to say and post once I return home- so this is just a quickie to keep up with my 1st of the month weigh ins.

Happy Running Everyone!