September weigh in!

Posted on September 5, 2013






Well life has certainly picked up some massive speed lately. I have started Fall semester- Organic Chemistry, whee! Added an Honors project, gotten a kindergartener off to his first year of school, and am still stay at home Mom to a three year old. I’m also still working part time, volunteered for the PTA, (got them to order school bike racks, helping build a garden, running a craft booth for a fundraiser- no biggie) and I’m still training for marathon #2.
Despite it all, I’m unusually calm. Something about having every minute of your day accounted for removes a sense of anxiety related to paralyzing uncertainty. Tonight, for the first time, I planned a whole week’s worth of meals for the entire family; freedom from quick, fruitless, scrambling choices later on.
So although I talked my 3 year old into taking these pictures for my weigh in ON THE ACTUAL 1st OF THE MONTH (yay for accuracy) I am just now posting them after kid-bedtime from my phone. You may notice the change in sports bra, the usual suspect was extremely icky- laundry has been a little tougher to stay on top of. It doesn’t make me feel bad- anyone as busy as me with an immaculate house is not to be trusted.
I’ve not gotten my measurements (although I’ve run to get the tape a few times this week) but I did weigh myself in on the first at 144.5 lbs, and here are the punctual pictures, if you’ll forgive my tardy post! I’ve been working on being punctual IRL (in real life) so my online presence, as well as my social life, are next to invisible.
I feel I must again interject here that I am filled with an unusual amount of calm, and I am likewise filled with both happiness and fulfillment. Better busy than bored!

Enjoy yourselves out there, Happy Running!