October Weigh-In and the TAPER!

Posted on November 1, 2013


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I have entered the taper. The bizzaro world of training which makes you feel like you aren’t sure if your body can run further than 8 miles. One weekend, you are doing a straight twenty miles, the next, you are only required to do 10, then 8, then??? You’re just supposed to run 26.2 next week? I ran 6 miles Wednesday night that almost killed me, can I really do this?

It is a strange place indeed. You’ve built up your mileage, speed, and confidence, and now you just…rest??? I know it’s what you are supposed to do, but your body feels pretty weird about the whole situation. Not to mention, when you’ve been doing super mileage one a week for awhile, and then you don’t… there are a few unexorcised demons lurking around in your attitude. At least the taper coincided with Halloween, to mask my crazy-eyed crankiness. I actually got a facebook comment upon the announcement that I was entering the taper: “taper=depression.” I was glad to see it, though, as it was a friendly reminder that my oscillating emotions were neither a sign of early menopause nor a need to schedule a psychiatric visit. It’s just the taper!

All dramatic tapering nonsense aside, I really have been feeling pretty good. My crazy schedule has been lightened by the lack of four hour runs, and I haven’t had much time to think about it all. (Until now..Mwah ha ha!)

Now that you know where I am in my training, here are my weigh-in stats for the month. Clearly, I have reached the pinnacle of where my body is going to go, I have NO plans on trying to out-ultra myself and bring on any challenges more excessive than marathon training. And honestly, I cannot wait to do a monthly update that does not include pictures of myself in my underwear from every angle. I am glad I did it, this year has been my favorite in my life so far, even facing the bravery of half nude photos in unapologetic lighting with no fancy airbrushing or flattering poses.  I could easily have done weigh-ins with a slimming outfit and a carefully calculated flattering pose, and appear as an entirely differently shaped person, but I am NOT on board with deception, and if I want to reach people honestly interested in real fitness and nutrition, I want you to see an HONEST depiction of what that looks like.  If you want the fantasy, go pick up a glossy.  Just don’t forget that those same celebrities have far more unflattering poses somewhere on TMZ, its not real life.  I think its important to understand that even the “perfect” people are humans and once they cross 30 years old, its mostly smoke and mirrors. (And STILL a lot of personal care and sweat and tears!)

Now here are the stats. I will begin pondering what the year of 41 will bring for me and my blog, and for you, the reader. But for now, two more months to go, only two more weigh ins before the ‘Year Of Forty Health Makeover’ comes to a conclusion!

Here’s the Phyical Stats:         from last mo.            total change

Height                 5’6”

Weight                141 lbs                     -0.5 lbs.                        – 14.5 lbs

Bust (ribcage)     31.5”                        -1.5″                               –2 ”

Bust (full)              35.5”                       -1.5″                                  – 6″
Waist (naval)        28.5″                         -1″                                –5.5”

Waist (beltline)     33”                        +1″                                   –4.5”

Hips                        38″                        +.5”                                     –3″

Thigh                       22”                         -.5″                               – 2.5″

Bicep                      10.5″                         0″                                -0.5″

Calf                        14.5″                       +.5″                                  +.5″

BMI*                     22.8                        0                                         -2.3

That is all for now!
Happy Running Out there!