Fundraising??? Ew.

Posted on February 17, 2014


I have made so many changes since my last post.  I am constantly writing posts in my mind while on a run, that never see the light of laptop.  I didn’t even finish up my big year of forty makeover challenge.  I took the pictures, but in all honesty, I didn’t look any different than the previous month, was the same weight, and had no other news to share on the topic.  I was struggling to finish my organic chemistry class while deciding my future, and after much thought and debate, decided to take a promotion at work over continuing with school. Of course, it didn’t really come about that way, as the decisions were entirely separate, but they did coincide, and just to really ‘perfect storm’ this whole game changer to my path, I simultaneously ran my second marathon and experienced my husband being fired from his job.  All of these changes occurred in the course of one week.  

As I still had to finish my semester with organic chemistry while moving to a full time position with more responsibilities, I had a pretty intense schedule, and blogging fell to the wayside.  Three months later, I am cruising along in life, loving my new position where I get to be the visual director of the local Athleta, a women’s fitness clothing store. Husband is employed, (Hooray!) Oh, and I am also training for my third marathon.  I had decided at the on start of all of these new life changes that this new year 2014, the year of 41, was to be the year of the blog.  And now, February 17th, I’ve decided to let this reality come true.

It did take me awhile to stabilize with my new and very different schedule.  So I’m not dishonest here, I also gave myself a little “responsibilty vacation.”  I still held on to my motherly, wifely, and working responsibilities, but those self imposed responsibilities made way for me be silly with my kids, to catch up on all my favorite TV shows and read lots of books. For fun.  BUT… I have been itching deep down inside to get writing.

My marathon training has been on the secondary or tertiary priority tier, and then a magical thing happened.  Athleta decided to join Team V, and a few of us girls (10, actually) signed on to run for Team V for Athleta.  We are raising money for the Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer research.  Not one to put myself out there to be responsible for fundraising, I felt that being under the Team Athleta safety net would make it okay, since I wouldn’t be PERSONALLY responsible.  But then, after joining the group and adding on to the FB page and just checking out the V in general, I started getting really excited about the idea.  I set up my personal fundraising page that will contribute to the team, and made myself a $500 goal, the same as a solo runner joining Team V on their own.  

Then the really magical thing happened.  Team V, having read my blog, asked me to write a blog for THEM.  WHaaaat??? Be a world famous life changing blog hero? Yeah!  ( please understand, that any and all forms of self flattery or bragging are my way of knowing that the reader or listener is fully aware of my normal ridiculous self, obviously knows that I am not superior at anything in any way, and is therefore in on the joke.)

So I wrote this post here 

(Please feel free to click over, there is a picture of my handsome shirtless brother in the post.)

And I got a hundred readers in a day!  Awesome!  I tweeted it, I facebooked it, emailed it, google circled it, linked-inned it … hello, I even pinterested it! I should take a screenshot of it with a noisy effect and instagram it.  And it brought me some insight.  Fundraising is not scary, and it is actually fun!  I LOVE social media.  I am so grateful to my friend Stephanie for working toward getting my blog to see the light of laptops everywhere and for her and her team’s tireless work at the V Foundation. I am still shocked at myself for thinking that “Fundraising” would be synonomous with Sally Struthers or pictures of very very sad dogs.  No way Jose.  Today’s fundraising is all about getting your fingers on some keys and taking over the internet, mwah ha ha!  It is like being a social butterfly, in life and online.  It is what I should have been involved with for years!  Ask for money, it doesn’t hurt people’s feelings, they either have it or they don’t. They’ll give it or they won’t.  And I get to say that if they give, I PROMISE I’ll run a marathon.  So obviously, everyone wins. 

So may this be my first of many new blog posts as I am inspired to get nuts on that front, and the first of many fundraising endeavors, where I also look forward to going nuts.

So this is 41.  How is your year going?


Oh, and by all means, if you donate here,Team V- Britt’s Page I promise to run a marathon. 🙂

Happy Running out there


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