Running in Dreams vs. Real Life. A juxtaposition.

Posted on March 9, 2014


Today’s 18 miler was tough, but I enjoyed it. There were flashes of brilliance to keep me going.  It all started with a dream….

(Wayne’s World Dream sequence noises “Dooddotdurldoo! Durduordudubldo!”)

I have got to get this cinnamon into these running snack bags!  I better go meet with the VP of marketing.  They’re down the street. Now for a serious but brief meeting: I have a new visual team to train. A quick run while I let them go to their lockers and get settled.  No time to go back and get my shoes, I’ll just go barefoot.  Wow, My stride is so long and light, I’ll just touch down with my toes. Just my big toe. Here’s some rocks. Just a big toe tip over those. Smooth, I’ll just get downtown and back.  That was good, now I have to divvy up that cinnamon powder.I have a measuring cup full, and I’m pouring it into ziplocks labelled RUN SNACKS with a sharpie.


“Honey Liz is here, are you ready?”

“Yeah, I was just awake, she’s an hour early. Hold on. Where am I? What day is it?”

I roused, chugged a half a cup of hot coffee, filled my handheld water bottle and ate a cookie.


Out the door, onto the trail, and off for an 18 mile jaunt.  First half went pretty ok, my friend Liz is a good bit faster than me and my training hasn’t been up to par.  Luckily (???) she has been sick and is feeling a little less than 100%. So maybe we will even out.

Over the bridge and into the wooded part of the trail. It is so fun seeing familiar faces as we go, “Hello, fellow fitness enthusiast on this beautiful day!” My ankle started acting up, which has never happened, but I decided it was being an A-hole and I’d just run through it. A few stretch outs and it finally levelled off. (Became numb.)

Round trip home and I have drunk all 8 ounces of my water. I’ll be fine, I’m not in the desert dying or anything.  I start thinking of on trail water sources. There is a park in 4 miles, I’ll make it there. I am lagging a bit, as I chew the gummy film on my lips wishing it was water. The park finally appears in the distance and we head up the offshoot toward the fountains. SHUT OFF. It was freezing two days ago. I walk around the building and try the fountains again. Nope.  Oh well, I can go four more miles. ( Don’t try to keep up with the math, it probably doesn’t add up.)

As I am thinking of texting the spouse to bring water (loading two kids in the car to meet me at a parking lot with a mile and a half to go) a miracle appears. In the form of a friendly coworker wearing a huge camelbak. She does share. Fills my whole bottle! I continue while writing her a love song in my head. Life goes on, we hit the only uphill range in the run which is a bit more intense than I felt during 16 miles, but we tackle it. My dear friend Liz keeps doing the circle back jog around, with a bounce in her step, a smile on her face and a bunch of “you’re doing great! Oh, it’s not you, it’s me, I’m trying to keep up with you!” (Hilarious, but sweet.)

We power through. I feel like a champion, breathing harder than a locomotive, and I am seriously giving my 110% during this last mile. I feel like I am at a 7 minute pace, but am positive it is closer to 11 or 12.

On returning home, she flies off to meet her husband at the tax office, in her sweaty run clothes, thanks to my well prepared morning takeoff and amazing speed. I have a smoothie and take a nice long hot bath and here I am now, telling you all about it.


  • Set your clocks for daylight saving changes.
  • Drink water ahead of time and bring enough.
  • Have awesome friends.
  • Let your dreams propel you through the tough spots, and keep a good attitude.
  • Dry cinnamon powder is not a good run snack, no matter how real your dream was.

Happy Running Out There!

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