Squatting back to fit

Posted on March 21, 2015


After running 3 marathons and competing in a fitness challenge, I found myself needing a break from my massive dedication to working out. My priorities had gotten a little wonky. 

Yes, my fitness is important, but for me, finding balance is important too. This is an area where I could stand some improvement. Falling victim  to my “all or nothing” personality once again, I found myself going straight from regular visits to the gym and trail to regular visits to Dunkin Donuts. My body held its shape through the Summer and most of Fall on my new pizza and donuts diet (GRODY to the MAX) but when Winter came and I tried putting jeans on, I realized my spandex wardrobe had betrayed me. 

Where did my Vegan go? where did my flat stomach go? A massively stress filled year and a lack of any self discipline was finally put to a stop once I sold my house, and moved to a new city.

It was a big year. My FIRST priority has been to sign the whole family up at the Y and get the kids going in some sports. (Ice Skating lessons Mondays and Karate Wednesdays.) 

I have been diligently hitting the gym 6 days a week and have gone Raw til 4 Vegan. My workouts are not phoned in- I mean business, and leave a gallon of sweat on the floor. The pounds are really taking their time melting off, but I know it will come so I don’t think of it. I’m focusing on strength and energy.

Now that I have found my way back to my natural healthy lifestyle, it’s time for a challenge! 

100 squats a day for 30 days. No excuses. It only takes 5 minutes. I was so determined to start, that even though yesterday was cycle day one (ladies, you know how hard that day can be) I got myself out of bed at 11:45pm so I could make day one and get the ball rolling. I made it under the wire, and now I’ve already completed day 2 and I’m on a roll. This is unrelated to my other workouts- don’t make yourself crazy worrying about how it fits in. Just do it every day regardless of other plans. 

Squats, done properly can strengthen weak knees, lift your bum, help cellulite and increase ab strength, back strength and posture. Don’t let your knees over your toes, push your tush back deep behind you, like your sitting in a chair, feet about shoulder width. You can hold your arms straigh out in front of you (zombie style) or prayer hands at the chest (namaste style). Shoulders back and relaxed, either way.

Join me, why not? Make day one the day you read this. I saw a video on you tube where the host (a raw vegan I follow) was at the end of the challenge and I thought “Good idea,” and started that day. (Just before I turned into a pumpkin- but did it!)

Here’s an Australian Vegan chick talking up the challenge: 100 squats a day

And here’s another crazy Aussie who’s videos I watch all the time talking bout cellulite and hot buns: What a high carb diet looks like

I hope you enjoy these ladies as much as I do, and I hope you get squatting with me! It makes you run faster, what’s to lose

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