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Squatting back to fit

March 21, 2015


After running 3 marathons and competing in a fitness challenge, I found myself needing a break from my massive dedication to working out. My priorities had gotten a little wonky.  Yes, my fitness is important, but for me, finding balance is important too. This is an area where I could stand some improvement. Falling victim […]

Running in Dreams vs. Real Life. A juxtaposition.

March 9, 2014


Today’s 18 miler was tough, but I enjoyed it. There were flashes of brilliance to keep me going.  It all started with a dream…. (Wayne’s World Dream sequence noises “Dooddotdurldoo! Durduordudubldo!”) I have got to get this cinnamon into these running snack bags!  I better go meet with the VP of marketing.  They’re down the […]


March 6, 2014


Originally posted on Tester Taster:
Check it! A plant that eats animals on a blog about animals that eat plants! Touche, Venus Flytrap, touche.

10 reasons why you should not go out and run

March 4, 2014


1. I am tired, I didn’t sleep enough last night.  Of course you shouldn’t run if you are tired.  The epidemic of runners asleep at the shoe should alarm you enough to avoid this dangerous practice.  Besides, if you run, you’ll be even more tired, and might fall asleep too easily tonight, meaning you’ll be […]


February 19, 2014


I’ve never been really into yoga. I like stretching, and I’m pretty flexible, but if I have an hour to workout, I choose to spend that precious time running. I don’t like to meditate. Or be still. Or have someone speak to me in soothing tones while New Age music plays. I have given yoga […]

Fundraising??? Ew.

February 17, 2014


I have made so many changes since my last post.  I am constantly writing posts in my mind while on a run, that never see the light of laptop.  I didn’t even finish up my big year of forty makeover challenge.  I took the pictures, but in all honesty, I didn’t look any different than […]

October Weigh-In and the TAPER!

November 1, 2013


I have entered the taper. The bizzaro world of training which makes you feel like you aren’t sure if your body can run further than 8 miles. One weekend, you are doing a straight twenty miles, the next, you are only required to do 10, then 8, then??? You’re just supposed to run 26.2 next […]