Learn More about Stuff!

Here is a resource page where I will continue to add as I find new and enlightening things to share.  feel free to comment with any recommendations!


The China Study– T.Colin Campbell   The most comprehensive study ever conducted on nutrition in history

The Engine 2 Diet– Rip Essylstein   A diet plan based on the China Study and the Whole Food Plant Based Diet.  The beginner’s guide

The Secret– Rhonda Byrne  Feel better about life, being happy and the law attraction

Thrive– Brendan Brazier  How to be an awesome vegan competitive athlete. Learn about how much vegetables aid in our recovery.

MOVIES (almost all of these are on Netflix Streaming!)

Engine 2 Kitchen Makeover– Rip shows you an easy guide to cleaning up your kitchen and a few easy recipes

Forks Over Knives– Your complete introduction to saving your life. A look at the WFPB diet vs medical intervention in America. Very inspiring

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead– A rich funny Australian man goes from fat to fit while driving across America with his juicer

Vegucated– A look inside the world of being vegan from more of an animal and environmental friendly approach (mildly scary spots)

Food Inc.– An upsetting peek into the politics of what we are being told to consume. Farmer Gangsters.


Vegan Eats World– Get cheftastic! A thorough guide to preparing all types of vegan food. Great introduction to becoming a Vegan Chef.

Happy Herbivore– more of a basic kitchen cooker. Easier recipes with basic ingredients. Mushroom based burgers, chocolate muffins. Yeah.


eCornell’s Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition

The T.Colin Campbell Foundation

Forks Over Knives

Engine 2 Diet

Post Punk Kitchen

Kid Tested Firefighter Approved (recipes!)

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